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TOHU WORKSHOP OF ARCHITECTURE is a vibrant and energetic Waihi Beach based  architecture studio that focuses on delivering innovative, and carefully considered homes with both flair, and that people love to live in.

We produce compelling, relevant, and well-detailed designs, and engage our clients  throughout that process. We design buildings that builders like to build & have great relationships with a number of highly skilled contractors.

Following that we typically carry things through the resource and building consent stage, and can handle procurement, tendering, construction, and help take things all the way through to the final delivery of your project. 



EVERY project is unique. as is every client. 


Prior to starting the concept stage a brief is prepared. This will be the basis of the project & design & something I'll usually help to develop. It'll include any specific must haves, pet hates & any other crucial information - giving me an understanding of how you live, how you'll interact with the building and tastes. This will, in turn, drive the direction of the design.

I refer to this stage as 'casting the net out'.


I'll then develop a concept.

 This will include a whole myriad of plans, sketches, elevations, site cuttings!, colour samples, material samples & other items that explain the emotives, & the look & feel of your design. Its an exciting & creative phase of the project, where you will see your project begin to take shape.

All of this will be derived from the original brief & will reflect that. This phase will be underpinned by our design principles, & have our Respect of your brief is an absolute intergral part of what we do, & connecting it the design is the goal. Our iteration of your brief will

developed design

detailed design (aka working drawings)

....And as for me


After spending some years completing my degree and working in a variety of well-known design practices across NZ I am now back home and practicing here at Waihi Beach (and around the country too!).

I bring with me a practical-based flair and a strong belief in letting a site inform the design while being skilled at blending those ideas through the details and into the final construction. Its those little things that provide our designs that richness.

I believe it is also so very important to respect the client's brief, and that's something I take great pride in.


When it comes to producing buildings I feel that they should not just be beautiful, but that they be a reflection of those that they shelter & the places they habituate.




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